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Sure, $5.7 billion for a wall may be a waste of money, but it might save some people from dying in the desert, and if we beef up security at legal border crossings, more drug smugglers are going to try locations where a wall might keep them out. Also, unlike arctic or offshore drilling, or noxious emissions, a wall, even a "bad wall," will not hurt anyone.

President Bush spent $1-2 trillion on Iraq and President Obama's "Arab Spring" policy cost us hundreds of billions -- both with nothing good to show for the monies wasted.

The country's leadership -- President Trump, Speaker Pelosi, Leaders McConnell and Schumer -- need to keep in mind that they were selected to serve "we the people" and all should be working to make or keep America great. We did not give them our country.

So why not try President Trump's wall?

If he is right, it certainly is worth far more than $5.7 billion. If he is wrong, who is really harmed?



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