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 Today at 10 am, my peers and I lined up on the side of Fort Valley Road displaying signs and solemn expressions. As I stood there, a thought kept running through my mind: This should not have to happen. We should not have to protest, we should not have to march, we should not have to walk out, we should not have to demand stricter gun laws, we should not have to be afraid, we should not have to mourn, we should not have to die.

We refuse to continue normalizing shootings. We refuse to accept your thoughts and prayers as enough. We refuse to stand down. No student or teacher should have to be afraid of going to school. Schools are places of education, not violence. Fear does not belong in our schools. Death does not belong in our schools.

So I will walk out, and I will witness my crying peers, and I will hold a sign that says "Am I next?" and I will be angry, and I will be devastated. There are days I am afraid to go to school.

I am a junior and I get to attend high school. But not all students have been so lucky. So I will not be silent. We are fighting for every single person who has died, suffered, and mourned due to a gun or a mass shooting, and most importantly, we are fighting for our futures.

We will not stand for b.s. Hear us roar.




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