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Concerning the cell phone tower application discussed in Sunday's paper, and during the Jan. 9 zoning commission meeting at City Hall...

Both the Verizon presenters and the Trinity Heights church presenter were disingenuous, evasive and hiding their agenda. It is a shame this church is "selling out" to Verizon simply to gain added income because their congregation is diminishing. Verizon gave an incomplete, incorrect presentation, and was masking their real agenda. Cell coverage is excellent, no complaints or data on complaints, and future growth is very limited along the Mount Elden corridor in east Flagstaff.

The technical presentation by Brooks Hart certainly exposed the fallacies of the Verizon position. Most new growth in Flagstaff is in the southern or western areas. By Verizon's own admission, this site is technically a very unfavorable area. It is residential, adjacent to an environmental study area, national forest, and many preschool and elementary schools. The neighborhood residents of Swiss Manor, Skyline and Shadow Mountain filled the commission's venue at City Hall to capacity, and their objections were unanimous and heartfelt.

I do not know the criteria the commission and/or the city council use in this type of decision, but it seems obvious on all technical and personal levels that this site should not be approved. I am proud of my neighbors for their attendance and their knowledge and emotions.



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