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 Re: “NeverTrumpers: What to make of Trump successes?” (1/25/18)

Trump is indeed a brilliant success. He epitomizes what America does, rather than what it believes.

America operates on racism. Trump is our blatantly racist President.

America subjugates women. We have a sexual predator in the White House and he’s proud of it.

America gives lip service to religious ideals but care for the poor and hospitality for the stranger are inimical to the hatred and exclusionary politics of the religious right. Ditto for the Prez.

America is a violent nation, armed to the teeth, enamored of guns, the only country to ever use nuclear weapons against human beings. Trump terrifyingly relishes the opportunity to do it again.

Americans are known for widespread ignorance of our own governmental processes, not to mention those of other nations. By his lack of knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, Trump demonstrates that our working principles are plutocratic, not democratic. No one makes money with that democracy stuff.

Americans commodify nature as an obstacle to conquer in pursuit of riches. Trump’s assault on the environment makes clear we needn’t bother about the earth anymore.

Americans call infotainment “news.” We have a reality TV performer in the Oval Office to prove it.

We fancy ourselves moral people. After electing Trump, the moral bar is set very low for the future Presidency.

Oops. One thing he’s overlooked. Half the population is done with his patriarchal values. Women, you know better. Trump showcases the worst in us. Please make America great again.




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