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 I understand from an article in the Daily Sun that some eastsiders are complaining about wayside horn noise. Well, my wife and I are eastsiders and we have no complaints.

Not sure if the new eastsiders are new to the neighborhood or not, but train noise was on our disclosures when we bought our house several years ago (well before the crossing horns were put in place). Even then the sound of the trains was pleasant to hear (and therefore by definition not noise).

We all must realize that the trains were here long before the current residents of Flagstaff were even born. It reminds me of people moving closer to airports and then, knowing that the airport was there, complain about the noise and eventually forcing the airport to add restrictions to the operation of the airport.

So I guess my advice to the complainers is “like it or leave it.” The trains are here to stay and the horns are necessary for safety. I am sure that there are federal or state or county or city laws that establish loudness (decibels) and duration requirements.




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