Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for campaign trips

Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for campaign trips

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For decades now I have naively thought that we elect presidents for the purpose of their running the country and taking care of affairs of state. Furthermore, I thought that a president is the president of all of us, those who voted for him, and those who did not. This viewpoint is obsolete.

What we see now is a president who views his office mostly as a platform for raucous political and highly partisan agitation that is designed to divide, not unite. This has been done before, but not to this degree. Such activity is not only inappropriate and unfortunate, but enormously expensive. Estimates of the overall cost of each campaign trip vary, but we clearly are looking at many millions of dollars per week of campaign travel. This burden is borne by all us taxpayers, including those who did not support Trump. Is this perhaps unfair?

In my opinion, official presidential travel for the sole purpose of political action should not be borne by the taxpayer. Let the appropriate political party pay for it -- there are far better uses for our tax dollars. And the president should concentrate on representing and running the country, not on partisan political agitation.




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