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It’s no secret that Flagstaff is undergoing a surge of growth and development—and all the attendant pains that come with it. Almost daily, it seems, another piece of land is consumed and we can only wonder what will be left.

Parks and recreation facilities have been left in the dust. The city’s last major park project was completed in 2004. For nearly 15 years, no funding has been available for more. And as the city grows, there’s immense pent-up demand for fields, trails, a real pool, improvements at existing parks, and a slew of others.

Coconino County stepped up with a sales tax increase that paid for land acquisitions and parks over a dozen years. Now, the Flagstaff Open Space, Parks and Recreation campaign—FOSPR—asks the same. This grassroots effort is proposing a 1/8-cent sales tax to fund projects within the city -- around $24 a year for a family – or, a couple big bags of popcorn and a drink at the movie. City Council is being asked to put FOSPR on the 2018 ballot and give the citizens of Flagstaff a chance to vote on the importance of parks and recreation.

If we don’t support parks now, then when? We are only getting further behind. A vibrant park system sends a strong signal that this community truly values our quality of life. YESONPARKSFLAGSTAFF!




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