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Mr. Garland recommended we end the divisiveness and focus on what is going on in our backyard. Sometimes however what is going on in our backyard can prompt divided views. Rezoning of a parcel adjacent to Ponderosa Trails for a 14-building apartment complex, “clustered” onto what amounts to six acres of dense forest could be an issue.

But I strongly suggest that as many residents as possible become involved in making their views known to Planning and Zoning and our City Council.

And the first step in this is to respond to our HOA Board’s one question e-mail poll (maybe one minute to answer) so as to assist them to “...measure the position of the community regarding the proposed zoning change.”

The proposed location of this development is along High Country Trail just prior to reaching Lake Mary Road. If you examine the site plan and parcel closely as I have, I believe you would agree that safety, traffic, crime, aesthetic and property value issues are real concerns that we should have.

Legally and morally there are no reasons we should feel compelled to approve the rezoning of this Auza property. I implore all my neighbors to exercise their rights and vote in this poll so as to participate in sound representative government. Vote needs to be in by Jan. 15. Thank you. If you would like to contact me for more insight or info, please feel free to e-mail “”.



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