Regarding downtown Flagstaff's action plan

Regarding downtown Flagstaff's action plan

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A $130,000 action plan for downtown Flagstaff, plus a paid market analyst and another consultant to "draft a plan and organize public outreach," sounds like the same PHX Flagstaff and turn it into Aspen group that continues its assault on our city.

Exactly who is this Madeksza person and who pays her salary? Who are the advocacy groups and governments looking for change?

If you truly want local resident input on the process, then start with this letter from a long-time resident who does not want 61% of his tax money wasted by another foolhardy scheme foisted on us by folks that have never lived, or will ever live, here!

Sure, tourists are the backbone of downtown visitors -- they come to Flagstaff to see old Route 66, the Museum Club, eat at Galaxy Diner and the now-deceased Grand Canyon Cafe. And don't forget the observatory (and Pluto). Visitors do not come to Flagstaff for high-rise parking structures, off-campus student housing, metered street parking and redeveloping entire downtown city blocks from their original patina and charm.

Madeksza says we have to change, "they're waiting for this," "they're committed to this process." Who is "they" and please tell me why?




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