Welcome to Flagstaff, Highgate Senior Living. What great fortune for Flagstaff, a new assisted living community. McMillian Mesa would be the ideal area and we desperately need a top-notch community for our growing elderly population.

But... my concern is, and continues to be, the trees removed and the landscaping planted. How much of the building materials can be recycled and will they build green? I have studied the Landscape Drawing Set and would like to know what type of tree are the canopy trees, what is the ornamental vegetation, will they be native plants?

After studying the Architectural Drawing Set, my second question/concern is why are all of the artistic renderings for new construction in Flagstaff dreary and institutional looking? Why is the architectural community trying to paint Flagstaff dark gray and burnt umber? Charles Whittlesey and Mary Colter must be appalled.

When a developer wants to come to our City they need to know to bring their A game, not this.



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