Questions for local elected officials

Questions for local elected officials

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Questions for Representative Tom O’Halleran, our Mayor, and City Council:

1. Is a Human Protection Agency researching the short and long-term effects of smoke from the Forest Service controlled burns on the lungs of children, asthmatics, elders, and pets in Flagstaff? Ten to 20 years from now, will there be an increase in lung cancer, asthma or other respiratory illnesses in our community?

2. Is there federal or city funding available to help elder homeowners on fixed incomes trim trees, remove pine needles and protect their homes from fire? Could church youth groups, Boy Scouts or NAU fraternities help elders prepare for winter?

3. Did the builders of the four-story Hub apartments blocking views of the San Francisco Peaks and destroying the skyline receive federal funding or loans? What effect will the increased population have on Flagstaff’s diminishing water table and aquifer? Were zoning laws changed to accommodate the builders?

4. Who authorized the transfer of managing access to Lake Mary to a non-governmental agency, which charges a $9 entry fee, preventing minimum wage earners and elders on fixed incomes from picnicking there on Sundays? Sadly, entry fees to Arizona’s parks are ascending. Everyone needs equal access to nature.

5. Will any elders in Flagstaff contract pneumonia when they cannot heat their homes properly because of unaffordable winter APS bills?




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