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 I'd like to mention a few things regarding the media in this small town. Its very pro business, and anti-dissent. Short op-ed style "reports" are made regarding these matters in the few news outlets we have, and I think its disingenuous to pretend that there is fair reporting here.

Recent example: A contingent of protesters (bravely) interrupted/preempted the light parade this last Saturday, to bring to attention the ongoing settler colonialism and apartheid that exists in Palestine today. There were giant banners, chants, and the procession marched the entire parade route!

It was a great show of direct democracy in action. Bringing to light (pun intended) the fact #45 decided to "declare" the so-called "capital of Israel" as Jerusalem.

I'm frankly surprised there were no mentions of this, just a couple pictures of APS trucks haphazardly adorned with christmas lights in the Daily Sun's front page. I'd really like to see some inclusion of these very important voices- if Flagstaff is truly an International City, then why not report on these folks engaging their government on these international issues?




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