Like Trump said, there are people out there who have done very bad, very evil things. Yes, indeed and those people are Trump and his team.

Let’s for example go back to the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians in June of 2016. According to Giuliani, that meeting was preceded by a preparation meeting – presumably because the boss said: “Get ready for that collusion-meeting with the Russians tomorrow!”

And immediately after the meeting the Trump team, started to lie about it. I clearly remember Trump Jr. saying on TV: “There was no contact with the Russians; that just shows that the DNC will stop at nothing to win the election.” Two lies in one sentence - impressive for most, though for Trump Jr. it’s just average.

And the Trump team kept lying, lying, and lying and then Trump himself lied: “There were only three people in that room and one left after five minutes and the other one didn’t really pay attention.” And they made up a cover story, and then another cover story, and finally the Trump team conceded: “Yes, there was a meeting, and we were promised dirt on Clinton, but all we got was adoption.”

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And if you are naïve enough, you will believe that is now the truth – if you are naïve enough. Just like Mueller, we are not. We suspect collusion.

Right, Mueller did not find evidence of collusion. But what Trump did WAS bad, and lying about it WAS evil.



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