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Not accurate? What does Mueller mean with “not accurate?”

I know when Fox News comes out with a statement acknowledging that some of their reporting was “not accurate,” it means: Hannity lied for an hour. That’s Fox News’ meaning of “not accurate.”

But Mueller, he does not have to be diplomatic. If Mueller felt that the BuzzFeed report was false, why didn’t he just say the report was “false?” Mueller is a straight shooter and if he calls the BuzzFeed story “not accurate” it means exactly what he says, namely: Basically true, but inaccurate.

And if you think about it, Trump himself lied about his business dealings with Russia, eventually admitting that he lied, but playing it down as “an option.” Given Trump’s lies it is obvious that he would have called the team into his office and told them: “Listen underlings, our story is that the business relations with Russia ended in January 2016. Stick to that story!”

Any mob boss would have done that. Can it be construed as ordering Cohen to lie to Congress? Maybe.



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