To Diana Henry and the mountain biking community regarding changing trail courtesy, allowing (encouraging) mountain bikers to not yield to hikers. This is irresponsible and promotes unsafe conditions, and effectively exempts bikers from courteous riding (AZ Daily Sun article on Aug. 1).

Making it OK for mountain bikers to disregard other users entirely, as you are proposing, is uncivilized, dangerous, unwarranted and will result in even more conflicts on our public trails, effectively making them single-user trails.

So, because people are in a hurry, let's change the speed limit in school zones to 55 mph. Pedestrians and following pets can just step aside because the drivers have powerful cars that can go fast and because they like speed and are in a hurry.

Let's set guidelines so dangerous behavior is normalized and indeed rewarded. Yes, there are mountain bikers exhibiting courteous behavior, horribly few, and we're not talking about them.

Mountain bike riders are fine sharing the trail, as long as they always have the first turn. That is, hikers do not get a turn.

Let's not deal with the real problem of out of control riding on our trails because it's become an issue, concern, and dangerous problem. Instead, let's just call it OK and place all the onus on the victims of this irresponsible, discourteous, egotistical behavior. Others can just get out of the way.

Mountain bikers are making it increasingly dangerous to attempt to share public trails. How about doing something about those causing the danger?



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