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I applaud and thank Charlie Silver, Marilyn Weissman and Rob Caskey for their role in helping to cause the developer of the proposed Mill Town project too withdraw variance requests for increased height and rent-by-the-room leasing. If these two variances had been granted, it would have made a terrible project even worse and even more of an affront to Flagstaff’s character and culture.

It is a shame that the actions of the legislature and the board of regents are encouraging massive off-campus student housing projects like the Hub, the Standard and Mill Town. These projects are a blight not only to the communities that host Arizona’s universities but also to college towns across the country. Surely there is a better model for student housing.

Flagstaff owes a debt of gratitude to Silver, Weissman and Caskey for being good stewards of our community and for helping to protect the our unique character. I would hope that all three would consider joining the city’s planning and zoning commission.


James E. Babbitt


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