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Letter to the Editor: Why does Mill Town development remain a mystery?

Letter to the Editor: Why does Mill Town development remain a mystery?

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As another massive student housing building rises on Milton Road, one is left to wonder if our city government has learned anything following the debacle that gave us The Hub with much controversy.

These grotesquely out-of-scale and aesthetically challenged buildings have obliterated views and skylines and changed the character of this gateway street, all for the purpose of the Arizona regents seeking higher enrollment at NAU to an already unsustainable student population. The mayor and city council seem to have taken the position that their hands are tied when an outside developer of off-campus housing comes to town and builds where and what they want, regardless of the impact.

Not long ago a plan was announced for a high-rise student housing complex called Mill Town that was to be built at the site of the MVD near University Avenue. In an agreement with the city, the developer of the new MVD at the old Harkins Theaters was to build Mill Town, The city council, to its credit, negotiated a lower height limit, and the public was asked its input on ideas for changes to Milton Road at this location. Now a vast, unsightly vacant lot remains with as yet no idea what will be built there, if anything. The question is: What happened to the agreement between the city and the developer who was to build Mill Town?




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