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Letter to the Editor: Wendy Rogers, others like her, raising plenty of red flags

Letter to the Editor: Wendy Rogers, others like her, raising plenty of red flags

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As a resident of Arizona’s Legislative District 6, I am deeply concerned by the recent actions and rhetoric of state Senator-elect Wendy Rogers.

Since the election Rogers has repeatedly promoted false conspiracy theories alleging election fraud because Donald Trump lost. She promotes these theories while conveniently forgetting that the same electoral process that she claims is corrupt also elected her. Why is it that the process is corrupt when a Democrat wins but secure when she wins? Wendy Rogers and other members of the Arizona Republican Party have engaged in seditious efforts to overturn the will of the people.

Rogers has repeatedly expressed praise and support for the treasonous Confederacy and the Confederate General Robert E. Lee, even going so far as to claim that he was “a great patriot and a great leader.” How can an individual who engaged in treason against the United States be a patriot? In her support of the confederacy, Rogers shows that she is OK with racism and treason.

Rogers has also shown through her tweets that she does not intend to represent all of her constituents. She only cares for those who agree with her. It appears that her only goal on Twitter is to “trigger” left-leaning individuals. She has seemingly encouraged violence in tweets such as “Buy More Ammo.” Recently, following the violence at the Capitol building in Washington, Wendy Rogers promoted baseless conspiracies that Antifa was behind it despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary.

The pro-Confederate, fascist beliefs are highly inappropriate for an individual of her stature. I am profoundly concerned for the next two years with Wendy Rogers in charge.




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