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Letter to the Editor: Voter wants to clear the smoke about Prop 207 and marijuana

Letter to the Editor: Voter wants to clear the smoke about Prop 207 and marijuana

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Prop 207 “Smart and Safe Arizona Act” is smart and safe for the Marijuana Industry to market high THC marijuana products to our communities. It makes our state more Drugged and Dangerous for our families. It turns our state into a drug dealing partner and adds bureaucracy and bigger government.

Prop 207 allows for lawsuits against our state if we don’t do exactly as we are told by the Marijuana Industry. It’s a marijuana lawyer’s dream.

We should be concerned about the protections this industry will get if Prop 207 passes, including exemption from search and seizure for the transportation of marijuana by the marijuana businesses.

Prop 207’s “Social Equity Ownership Program” promotes marijuana businesses in communities that have been affected by previous marijuana laws. The issue of 26 additional licenses for those neighborhoods is concerning. How is having more marijuana in a neighborhood going to help people get out of poverty and addiction?

Prop 207 weakens DUI laws and though it prohibits smoking marijuana in public and forbids those under 21 from using, the penalties are very weak.

In other legal marijuana states the cost to the state is more than the tax they collect. Prop 207 allows marijuana businesses to keep their medical marijuana license and get a recreational one at the same location. Medical marijuana is NOT TAXED.

Prop 207 lets people out of jail and expunges records. Then if they transport marijuana, they can be charged $20,000 in a fine payable to Smart and Safe Arizona. Pretty smart for Big Marijuana. Let people out of prison and then lock them out of the business!

Forbes magazine said the tobacco industry giant Altria (formerly Phillip Morris) purchased $1.8 billion dollars in recreational marijuana last year and is patenting devices for vaping marijuana.

Bigger government, legal protections for the marijuana cartels, increased marketing and lobbying, increased responsibility and legal liability for the State of Arizona. More stoned drivers and kids.

Prop 207 is really bad policy.

Please vote NO on 207.




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