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Letter to the Editor: Trump's reluctance to concede hurts American democracy

Letter to the Editor: Trump's reluctance to concede hurts American democracy

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The only loser in the refusal of President Trump to concede the 2020 presidential election is American democracy. The citizens of the United States won. Every single one of us. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, non-voters. Everyone. We won because the election process was free and fair. As reported in today’s Daily Sun (11/13/20) this election was the “‘Most secure' election in U.S. history.”

Despite Facebook posts and Twitter feeds being filled with claims of a stolen election, Joe Biden is the president-elect and Kamala Harris is the vice president-elect. I can guarantee all those who voted for Trump that both Biden and Harris have been working tirelessly since last Saturday, Nov. 7, to help fight this pandemic and assist our economy in recovering from its free fall. We have chosen wisely.

I would urge caution to those who are responding to emails and posts to contribute to President Trump’s “stolen election” fund. Look at the fine print because your money is really going to the RNC or to help re-elect Trump in 2024. In the same vein, donating money to Biden/Harris at this moment to fund lawyers in the rebuke of Trump law suits seems unnecessary. Shouldn’t our election officials and state attorneys general be protecting the election results and democracy for all of us?

Please contact your local politicians, including recently elected state Legislators Blackman, Barton and Rogers, and let them know that the election is over and as a country we need to move forward. We need cooperatively to develop a federal response to this pandemic. We need to immediately start working on bipartisan legislation to help those Americans who are struggling right now. Each of those Republican lawmakers apparently came out in support of Trump’s claims that the election was fraudulent. If this election was illegitimate, maybe each of these newly elected officials should step aside because their victories are now in question. Until they do, however, we need to start working together, Republicans and Democrats, because the road ahead is rough.




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