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Letter to the Editor: Time to tell Congress thoughts on Big Tech

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Many people don’t realize how much more we pay for purchases we make on our mobile devices because to the draconian ways that the big tech platforms, namely Apple and Google, charge the small- and medium-sized app developers for in app purchases. Oftentimes these charges can be up to 30%! This is not only expensive for the app developers, but if they can, they pass the charges on to us, the consumer. The tech giants also use other methods to make sure their apps do better in the marketplace, such as promoting their apps over those of the small developers and make it difficult to even get apps into their marketplace in the first place.

The courts have proved ineffectual at fixing these and other problems. Congress is trying to fix this with the Open App Markets Act that simply is trying to level the playing field for small and medium developers, which will foster innovation and keep costs at least to a fair level. I hope that Sens. Kelly and Sinema as well as our entire delegation will get behind this bill. It will benefit us all in the end.




P.S. No so great, I woke up this morning to find out that we now have 3 wildfires burning near Flagstaff and that one of those fires was started by someone burning toilet paper. What's wrong with people!



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