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Letter to the Editor: Think about what, how to protest during these times

Letter to the Editor: Think about what, how to protest during these times

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To the person or persons at the protest Tuesday 6/2 holding a sign that read "Good Cops Don't Exist," your message conveys an absolute -- which is the very basis of the prejudice and racism you are marching against. Now if you had written, "I've never met a good cop," well, no one can argue with that. But to assert that there are no good cops merely shows you are a simple thinker -- you have it all figured out ("All of this unrest lies with the fact that all cops are bad"). The truth is that there are very few absolutes in this world and the relationships between police, and POC are way more complicated than I can go into here.

I do not know how many cops you know, but I know, am related to and have worked with people in law enforcement -- including Flagstaff's interim chief of police. My experiences and observations with these individuals have revealed consummate, empathic, ethical and humane professionals. While you may not have encountered or interacted with the same individuals I have, try to be open to the fact that they are out there, and absolute thinking on either side is not helpful.




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