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Letter to the Editor: The vaccinated want their freedom, too

Letter to the Editor: The vaccinated want their freedom, too

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Is there a difference between freedom and right? I feel enslaved to those crying for their freedom to refuse COVID-19 vaccination by claiming their "right" to do what they want! While they exercise their “rights” based on an unjustified understanding of freedom in this country, I feel totally controlled by their unfair decisions.

My understanding of “rights” is: "being in accordance with what is just, good, and proper" for all members of a society -- regardless of personal feelings. And to me, that means protecting ALL from a virus that is responsible for thousands of deaths. This is not a freedom/rights issue. It’s a health emergency based on science and research to vaccinate all Americans in a collective action to support everyone’s right “to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. The flip side of freedom that many are not taught is RESPONSIBILITY.

Having been vaccinated, I try hard not to be judgmental, but I am so angered when I realize the reason I cannot attend a lecture, go to an indoor movie or take my grandson to any indoor play area. Being aware that an unvaccinated person could pass on the virus to me or others is not fear; it’s knowing that I or anyone can still be infected because of others’ lack of understanding and assuming their responsibility to the community.

Those who claim it’s their right to refuse the one thing that can end this pandemic of COVID for all of us are denying our rights to safety and participation in community activities. Our self-determination must be in accordance with the freedom and rights of all. Please, make the ethical choice to get vaccinated so all can enjoy their right to share fully in society. Thank you.




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