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Letter to the Editor: Take a look in mirror when it comes to Capitol chaos

Letter to the Editor: Take a look in mirror when it comes to Capitol chaos

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Today is not a beautiful day in America’s neighborhoods because on Wednesday, it took someone being shot dead in the Capitol building to finally get Congress and the Senate scared enough to stop and think for a moment.

I do not know if I am angrier at Trump for inciting all of this, or at the elected officials in D.C. for doing nothing to remove Trump from office right after he was impeached. But, in all of this, the person I am most angry with is myself. I am angry with myself for not having had the courage to tell my own family members and friends who voted for Trump a second time how much I feared whatever it is inside of each of them that could continue to follow such a bully and a liar. I am angry that I did not tell them then how I feared what ugly Americans they were becoming. Shame on me for not shouting “STOP!” to my family and friends before they voted in the first place.

So, before it really is too late, let me say it now. “Please everyone. The hatred needs to stop right here. The hatred needs to stop right now. Because the only right thing left for the far right to do now is to stop the hatred and become better neighbors.” Mostly, I pray that Congress will finally remove Trump now before more are dead. God save these United States of America.




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