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Letter to the Editor: Starts with change of vote, but more work to do from here

Letter to the Editor: Starts with change of vote, but more work to do from here

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I am writing to say thank you to all the Republicans who voted for Joe Biden to honor the legacy of John McCain, a man vilified by our president who famously said, “he’s a hero because he was captured,” who, while John was in a prison camp in Vietnam, said the only battle he was fighting was trying to keep from getting an STD. John had more dignity and love of country in his little finger than Trump has in his entire body.

I am also proud for one of the first times of Arizona voters who came out to make a statement about the current occupant of the White House. To tell him, 'No, it’s time to go.' I heard a TV pundit claim that this election was a statement about who we are as Americans and served as a unifying message, bringing diverse people together. I guess I missed that lesson.

What I saw is almost half the population who after four years looked at a president who is a racist, sexual assaulter, xenophobe, liar, cheater, bully, rejector of knowledge and facts, and wannabe dictator and said, “Let’s give him four more years.” There is a toxicity in this country fueled by “Trumpism” and it is going to take more than platitudes to erase the stain that seeps through every feature of American life.

Perhaps if we work diligently, it will be possible to convince the "Trumpers" riding around in their trucks flying the American flag that there is more to patriotism than threatening people who don’t agree with their confused philosophy. We can only hope.




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