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Letter to the Editor: Rush to replace Ginsburg says a lot about Republican party

Letter to the Editor: Rush to replace Ginsburg says a lot about Republican party

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I am not surprised but am appalled that Trump, McConnell and even our own senator, McSally, along with most of the other Republican senators, have decided to go ahead with the nomination to fill Justice Ginsburg's seat on the Supreme Court.

Four years ago the Republicans set a precedent when they chose not to entertain Obama's Supreme Court nomination citing the upcoming election, which was still nine months away, arguing that the people should have a say in who gets to make the nomination. But now that they hold the presidency and the Senate, those sentiments have flown away and it is now OK to vote on a nomination even though the election is only six weeks away. Worse, they say it is OK to vote on a nomination in the lame duck session if Biden is elected to replace Trump.

All that talk about the rights of the people to choose turn out to be just words. The veil is removed and the real motives are uncovered -- obstruct if you can, use power if you can, but the heck with the will of the people.

What this this action tells me is that the Republicans are very worried about how they will fare come November. If they were secure in their belief that they will hold the Senate and the presidency, they could take the high road and say that they should wait and follow the will of the people. Instead, by following the path they are taking, they shout out their fear of loss. Unfortunately, they take us all down with them. We lose our faith in an impartial judiciary; we lose faith that we have a functioning government; and most of all we lose faith in the promise of a government of, by, and for the people.




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