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Letter to the Editor: Regarding Jim Parks’ letter on Trump achievements

Letter to the Editor: Regarding Jim Parks’ letter on Trump achievements

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Mr. Parks left out a number of things. Let’s not forget that Trump left the Paris Accord and has denied climate change and science. Trump has deregulated over 600 environmental laws. He has denied the devastation of COVID. There was no unified federal response and he left testing, PPE and other intervention up to the states, which were overwhelmed. Over 215,000 people have died.

He denies Russian interference in our elections. A number of his staff have been indicted or left office under a cloud. Trump was impeached. He withdrew from the Iran deal and now Iran is a greater threat. Our allies have lost confidence in the USA. His administration has separated and caged immigrant children from parents. He has denigrated people of color and sent troops into cities to fire tear gas and rubber bullets on their own citizens. He has empowered white supremacy with his words, praising people who walk the streets with AK47's while denigrating Black Lives Matter’s mostly peaceful protesters.

Mr. Trump threatens, fires and bullies people who disagree with him. His tweets are often mean-spirited and nonsensical. He seems to care more about his "rating" than average citizens who are floundering under economic hardship. He came to office in an economic recovery and under his watch the GNP has fallen. He started a tariff war that has impacted farmers and manufacturing etc.

Please vote. I've voted for 50 years. This is the most consequential vote yet.




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