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Letter to the Editor

This past Monday my wife and I attended the evening readings at Uptown Billiards, a community event. We parked in the National Bank lot and tried to pay by credit card on the street. The machine did not respond, would not take a credit card. After the reading we discovered our vehicle was booted and had to pay $50 to have the boot removed.

The next morning I was able to work things out with the (my) bank. Their signage and lighting were horrible, as is the lighting of parking pay stations on the street. Without a flashlight, you cannot see the controls at night.

The entire parking program in our town must be evaluated. It is unreasonable to have to pay for parking from Butler and all the way north and around the library. We have to pay to go to the library? That's not right! For those of us that use the Southwest Chief to have to pay at the Amtrak station? That's not right!

The equipment is problematic. Lighting to see what one is doing is marginal at best, and for those of us who don't have a smart phone or use credit cards, there are no slots for cash. That's not right!

I will support a referendum on the ballot to either cancel out this program or make changes that consider those of us who live here, pay taxes here and want to go back to enjoying our downtown again. It is no longer enjoyable to go downtown as long as this metered system is in place.




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