Letter to the Editor: Masks make the difference in decisions where to shop

Letter to the Editor: Masks make the difference in decisions where to shop

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My wife and I get takeout from local restaurants once or twice a week to help support them at this difficult time. I want to thank those restaurants that require employees to wear masks at the very least when they interact with customers. These are the restaurants we will continue to support. We feel the same way about any business open during this time.

Sadly, there are several restaurants in Flagstaff that do not value the safety of their customers nor their employees by requiring them to wear masks. Each time we interact with employees not wearing masks, we cross that restaurant off our list. We will not support them even if restrictions are lifted.

The virus has not gone away. Social distancing and masks are the only things keeping us safe. There is no cure and there is no vaccine yet. I strongly encourage all businesses in Flagstaff to require their employees wear masks when in close proximity to others, especially the public. This is also the best way to show support for all the healthcare workers and first responders taking care of us.




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