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Letter to the Editor: Let the agenda guide you to vote

Letter to the Editor: Let the agenda guide you to vote

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I am an unabashed Trump supporter. Not because I like him -- he is brash, annoying and says inappropriate things. But, he said what he would do, he did it (despite unrelenting obstruction by the Democrats), and created one of the greatest economies in our history. He is hated by the Washington swamp, media and big tech, all because he doesn't kowtow to them. He is a businessman who puts America first.

The election will be interesting for sure. The differences couldn't be more stark. Trump is for smaller government, lower taxes, individual freedoms, strong law enforcement. Biden flip-flops, but clearly is for big government, much higher taxes, less individual freedoms (healthcare choices, guns, etc.), And, he has the left extremists to deal with ... AOC et al. Do you find it odd how well the extreme left have been hidden since Biden won the nomination? They know those socialist ideas scare the heck out of average, everyday Americans, so they are keeping that discussion under wraps. If Biden wins, hang on!

After observing the behavior of the Democrats over the past few years (Russia mess, Impeachment mess, Kavanaugh mess, cancel culture, anti-police), it is hard to believe so many Americans support the Biden team. More likely, it is simply anti-Trump sentiment. People need to vote for what they truly believe in, the agenda, not the person. If Biden wins, I hope moderate Joe shows up for work in January! But, I am highly doubtful...

Whoever you support, go vote!




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