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Letter to the Editor: Is FUSD really doing all it can for the kids?

Letter to the Editor: Is FUSD really doing all it can for the kids?

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FUSD Board: I have read your update on Nov. 6 and find it lacking on the most critical component -- the impact this plan has on students. Where are your metrics on learning, on health and wellness of the students?

The impact of COVID needs to be considered, but FUSD is objectively overindexing on the risks of COVID and underindexing on the impact to students. Period.

The board has one mission: the education of the children of Flagstaff. Where are your metrics on this performance? Given what you have laid out, we are unlikely to be back in school for another year. How can you justify this?

You claim to be data driven, but you use a simplified view of COVID metrics (community spread) and ignore other data that shows having kids in school does not measurably put students or teachers at risk. The impact of these decisions will be felt for years and you will need to live with the impact your decisions have had on thousands of children in Flagstaff. The impact will be highest on those who can least afford it.

Be creative and lead. Find a solution that gets our kids back in school. Hundreds of school districts around the world have figured out how to do this. You are there to serve students. You are failing to do this by overbalancing on COVID risk.

Extremely disappointed in your leadership and concerned for all students relying on you.




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