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Letter to the Editor: If you don't like state of politics, still time to get involved

Letter to the Editor: If you don't like state of politics, still time to get involved

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Misinformation and distortions have consequences. Violence erupted at the Capitol due to the perpetuation of the untruth that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. President Trump told his supporters to March on Congress and go to the Capitol to fight for him. “You will never take back our country with weakness,” he said.

Congressman Gosar lit the flame of the coup when he objected to Arizona’s 11 electoral votes for Joe Biden. Soon thereafter, with an inadequate police force protecting the Capitol, rioters stormed the very building where senators and members of the House were confirming Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ victory in 2020. Four people died and several police were injured.

The men and women of this country who worked tirelessly to provide each of the 50 states the most secure election in American history need to be thanked. In some cases, they risked their lives to do their jobs.

Get involved in Coconino County or in Arizona politics if you have lost faith in the system. Call your state representative or your senator and let them know how you think our elections can be safer and protected from fraud. It is our country and we need to participate in the process to make it better.

President Trump needs to be held accountable for his role in inciting the violence and subsequent deaths. History does repeat itself as the exact same scenario occurred on the Navajo Nation in Window Rock over 30 years ago. “The melee followed five months of tension and other violence among members of the nation's largest tribe after (Peter) MacDonald was suspended from office by the Navajo Tribal Council...On July 20, 1989, a group of his supporters stormed the tribal headquarters in Window Rock in an attempt to restore him to power. Tribal police opened fire, killing two MacDonald supporters.” (1/20/2001, McDonald Sentence is Commuted, AZ Daily Sun)

Just as a former Navajo Nation President went to jail for an eerily similar crime in 1989, Trump needs to be punished for his transgressions as well.




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