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Letter to the Editor: Consider following the science when it comes to abortion?

Letter to the Editor: Consider following the science when it comes to abortion?

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For months now, we've heard regarding the pandemic, "Follow the science." I wish that those defending the right to abortion would follow that advice.

The science isn't ambiguous: as soon as conception takes place, the "product of conception" (as pro-abortion advocates call it) is a unique human life with different DNA than that of the mother. It is not the mother's body, as the signs at the recent protest proclaim. It's the child's body. That little life has everything needed for him or her to become what all of us now are, except for protection and nurture.

We rightly think that it's horrific for a mother to abuse or kill her young infant. But the baby in the womb is no different than a 1-year-old, except that he or she is a few months younger. If a woman faces insurmountable problems raising the child (for whatever reasons), then she can put it up for adoption. Many childless couples would love and cherish that little life, even if it has physical deformities.

To follow the science, we need to protect all children, whether in the womb or out. Killing a baby in the womb because it's not convenient to have the child is not following the science and it's not humane.




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