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Letter to the Editor: Changing street names can lead to slippery slope

Letter to the Editor: Changing street names can lead to slippery slope

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I am opposed to changing the Agassiz street name. If you try to start changing names of every street that is somehow connected to racism or other issues, you will have an unending and expensive task.

Mr. Agassiz was an important scientist who came to Flagstaff. The street named after him serves to remind us of both his successes and his failures, as both scientist and human.

But if you are going to change names, please also change Beaver Street. “Beaver” is a common slang for female genitalia. You will also need to change San Francisco, because the name represents the Spanish oppression of Native peoples and also endorses a religious view. Phoenix Avenue will need to be changed because it represents a mythical bird tied to a religion and violates the separation of church and state.

The list could go on.

Please stop wasting taxpayer dollars, staff time and messing up a whole bunch of maps.




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