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Letter to the Editor: Bob Thorpe's past with HB2265 raises red flags

Letter to the Editor: Bob Thorpe's past with HB2265 raises red flags

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During Bob Thorpe’s stint at the Arizona State House of Representatives in 2018, he tried to push a bill (HB2265) with the notion that with its passage, he and his political cronies would be able communicate state business, privately, and to skirt existing law.

It was Thorpe’s ambition to thwart court rulings mandating that records must be provided for cell phone messages or personal devices of lawmakers that involve official state business. These facts of Thorpe’s attempt to introduce his bill was exposed by an article in the Payson Roundup (03/02/2018).

You may remember that the court ruling was a consequence of APS using an intermediary having improper and illegal communications with members of the Arizona Corporation Commission. As a result of the inappropriate and illegal relationship between the two parties, APS was enabled to contribute $5 million to the campaigns of two ACC candidates, thus buying influence to the advantage of APS. It’s also important to note that in an effort to “insulate” APS from negative optics, the funds for the purpose of political donations to “buy” those seats were the result of out-of-state “dark money.”

If there is any good news here, it's that HB265 never made it out of committee. This entire exercise by Bob Thorpe clearly indicated his willingness to hide information vital to public concerns, regardless of his proposed unethical, and illegal behavior.

Simply put, Bob Thorpe has a questionable moral compass. I do not see a place for him in any governmental entity with his lack of concern for the public trust. It is precisely his kind of politics that create cynicism amongst the caring electorate.




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