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A column by D. Ryan Schurtz in the November 23 issue states that everyone should give up Facebook — eliminate their accounts and ignore the phenomenon. Why? Because it causes depression! Not just the negative articles and political ugliness, but also the good posts. Huh?

According to Schurtz, when you read the positive posts by your friends, you compare your own situation to theirs and you become depressed because you don’t measure up.

Does the author of this article really know how the readers will react?

I personally don’t like reading about fires and floods and shootings and abuse and politics, but I love it when my friends post the fun, positive happenings in their lives — recovering from an illness, finding relief from pain, enjoying a new relationship, moving to a new home.

When they post negative things I try to think of a way to help — whether it’s just a few kind words or more practical assistance.

The horror in our lives comes from those who have decided that everyone else should do or believe as they do. I think I — and my Facebook friends — have enough intelligence and life experience to decide whether we should be on Facebook or not. Can you imagine what Facebook — and life itself — would be like if everyone let everyone else make their own decisions?



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