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The Daily Sun has done an excellent job of reporting on the issues surrounding the continued high-density development in Flagstaff. There are other developments in the planning stage that will exacerbate the traffic congestion, neighborhood transformation and loss of parks, trails and open space opportunities.

Parks, recreation and sport facilities and open spaces have public health and conservation implications, from providing places for physical activity, offering safe places for children to play, and helping lower crime rates.

The “Yes on Parks Flagstaff” committee is a Flagstaff community-driven effort promoting the Flagstaff Open Space, Parks and Recreation (FOSPR) campaign. FOSPR will petition the Flagstaff City Council to place this item on the November 7, 2018 election ballot. Flagstaff voters will be asked to increase the city sales tax 1/8th of one-cent. The sales tax revenues will be put into a dedicated fund to pay for capital projects to acquire protected open space, build new parks and recreation facilities, renovate and maintain community parks, recreation and sport facilities and trails.

The 2nd FOSPR Public Meeting is on Wednesday, August 23 from 6 p.m to 7:30 p.m at the Flagstaff Aquaplex. All residents are invited to get information and find out how to submit project proposals for new parks, recreation and sport facilities and trails.

Parks, recreation and sport facilities, open space and trails become integral parts of our resident and visitor’s lives and essential parts of the community. Our parks are vital to our community.




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