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 Perhaps Arizona Reps. Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs and Trent Franks have never visited one of Arizona’s national monuments. I would suggest that they get outside and take a look at what they’re attempting to destroy.

Gosar, Biggs and Franks signed a letter from the Congressional Western Caucus to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommending that four Arizona monument designations be rescinded. These four spectacular monuments are among 27 that Zinke and the Trump administration are “reviewing,” which means they’re at risk of being taken over by industrial development.

I’m one of millions of people who like to spend time in Arizona’s national monuments. So do many incredible but endangered species, including: Lesser long-nosed bats, who feed on fruit and nectar of night-blooming cacti in Sonoran Desert National Monument; Nichol’s Turk’s head cactuses in Ironwood Forest National Monument; magnificent California condors with their 9-foot wingspan, soaring over Vermillion Cliffs National Monument; and desert tortoises in Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument.

Has nobody told Gosar, Biggs and Franks about the importance of these monuments for wildlife habitat? Has nobody told them that 86 percent of Arizona voters would like our existing national monuments in place?

Well if nobody has, I am now. So Reps. Gosar, Biggs and Franks, keep your hands off of our national monuments! We humans and our plant and animal counterparts love and need these places much more than your corporate friends need even larger profits.




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