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The Mayor and City Council need to be focusing on those issues that have direct impact on our community. Like legislation that negatively impacts tourism, Northern Arizona University, Coconino Community College, Flagstaff Unified School District and local Charter schools, local State highways, airport funding, and the like.

Prioritize local issues like underpaid police, local wage increase impacts, pending threat of forest wildfires,  Rio de Flag flood control, potholes, street striping, city employee morale, infrastructure maintenance, Milton Road and Highway 180 solutions, working together with Northern Arizona University to address student growth impact, Route 66 stoplight synchronization, second railroad overpass, widening of 4th Street I-40 overpass and access to I-40, parking at City Hall, etc.

Every time the council directs staff to depart from community issues it costs our community in taxes that should be used for addressing local issues. There isn't one agenda item that does not involve staff $$$, city attorney $$$ and department head $$$. At every council meeting the council should ask itself if the agenda is focused on community issues or special interests or private agendas.

Council should consider cost and benefit to our community of every action. Unfortunately, it seems the Council has little concept of cost. There seems to be a pile of money to chase any whim of the Council. And, if the Council runs out of money, there is more money in the pockets of its citizens. Especially now with the new tax laws.




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