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 I saw the movie, "Darkest Hour." A great movie. First thing I noticed was the audience. I doubt there was anyone under the age of 60. Which is a shame because young people need to hear and understand the message of the movie: Appeasement doesn’t work. Eventually you have to pay the price. The longer you wait, the higher the price.

As I viewed the movie, I recognized the comparison between 1940 and 2017. This will shock your readers. I see President Trump as the Winston Churchill of today. The President is brash, unpredictable and disliked by the political insiders but loved by the people who support him. I sensed that was the same with Winston as the movie progressed.

Then, I started to look for comparisons among the people in the movie. Again, I see President Trump as the Winston Churchill of today. I see Nancy Polosi and Chuck Schumer as the Lord Halifax and Neville Chamberlain of today.

Because of the past appeasement policies of the Congress and Presidents Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama toward Iran and North Korea, President Trump must now deal with these rogue nations. Those former presidents failed to learn from the past. Appeasement never works.

One last thought: By moving our embassy to Jerusalem, President Trump did what many other presidents said what should be done (including Clinton). But realize, it was God through King David that named Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Who are we to say Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel?




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