I oppose wildlife killing contests, events where participants seek to kill as many animals as possible for prizes and entertainment. Coyotes are most frequently targeted by these events in Arizona, but bobcats, foxes, and others are sought out too. I grew up a hunter and any true hunter will not participate in these ghastly events.

Wildlife killing contests run afoul of the fundamental ethics of hunting, such as showing respect for the animal’s life. Wildlife killing contests are wasteful, as the coyotes aren’t killed for their meat and their bodies are often used in gratuitous photo shoots meant to inflate the egos of the killers. The bodies are tossed around and into piles with no regard for the life taken.

The ethics of hunting rely on hunters doing the right thing, whether or not the activity is legal. Hunting is already under intense public scrutiny, even without these killing contests fanning the flames. Rightfully, these wildlife killing contests are being condemned wherever they are happening, and I urge my fellow sportsmen and women to oppose them.



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