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While I agree with Mr. Norm Wallen regarding Tusayan, I didn’t think much of his irrational shot at the HUB. Student housing needs rational planning.

It is a fact that the students are here right NOW. They are not coming because the HUB is being built but because NAU enrollment has been increasing for years now. Those students are having “negative impacts on traffic, noise, parking, congestion and neighborhoods” NOW.

It is also a fact, as presented by NAU staff to the City Council, that NAU houses a greater percentage of students than UA or ASU. It is obvious that it is not going to change regardless of any council action.

A solution to parking has just now been implemented in a limited area. A small area plan for the South Side is just starting. A high occupancy plan is just now coming out. All of this has been extensively covered in the paper along with the recent shooting in Railroad Springs. All of these problems should have been addressed more than 10 years ago. (That would have been insightful long-range planning, but instead of planning, those problems were ignored.)

I don’t believe that the HUB will increase those negative impacts; in fact, I believe that high-density housing with limited parking within walking distance of NAU, entertainment, and shopping is the answer. The community needs leadership with a vision for solutions, not simplistic villainization.




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