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GOP no longer for family values

GOP no longer for family values

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 It seems like only yesterday the Republican Party sanctimoniously branded itself as the “Family Values” party, presumably in contrast to Democrats’ and Independents’ contempt for the family. They told us they represented the “Moral Majority,” suggesting that only those initiated into their select guild held truly moral beliefs.

Isn’t if funny how things change. Now that party is led by an individual who boasts of sexually assaulting women (but only those who he deems attractive) and of the pleasure he takes in watching teenage girls undress during his “beauty pageants.” His appointed Communications Director’s usage of the F word and explicit sexual references so violated common standards of decency that they could not be discussed in public. Not to mention: mocking those with disabilities, disparaging the truth (lies are now alternative facts), and waging a war on the Freedom of the Press, though the preceding is only a very incomplete list.

Those who spoke with outrage and righteous indignation over the past eight years, over such profound moral issues as not saying “Merry Christmas,” are strangely inaudible, culpable by their silence in an authentic moral attack on our society. As the Republican Party family values evolved into “Porn Values” and incivility, any modicum of credibility of “high moral standing” has been forever lost.

In the future we will all laugh audibly when we see TV ads for candidates touting their moral superiority as Republicans. My parents taught me, “Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.”




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