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I agree with Brian Bates' call to vote yes on Prop 417. In 1993, I was the first disabled student at Coconino Community College.

By voting yes on 417, giving Coconino Community College more money is extremely important -- we need a talented, skilled workforce. I always appreciated the CCC community while I was attending school there. I lobbied for an associate degree in political science. With Proposition 417, CCC gets more classes and more opportunities, which is a good thing for our community as I work. At Northern Arizona University, I see how expensive it is to get an education.

I appreciated the community college when I was taking classes there. I found the faculty so supportive and so willing to help students succeed.

I know many people are afraid to pay higher taxes. Education is a good investment and that is why Proposition 417 is such a good investment because it is our answer to the local skills gap. It's not about the degree on a piece of paper, it is about obtaining skills that the community and our state and our nation need to compete in a global economy.



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