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 In a Jan, 25, 2018, letter to the editor, "Work permits, not amnesty," the writer is oversimplifying the "Dreamer" problem. In a few sentences he went from saying they are here "through no fault of their own" to saying that the "Dreamers are criminals."

No disrespect intended but, in his own words, that is a "simple-minded" statement. In my opinion, a criminal is one whose actions are harmful to society. If an adult, in committing a crime, was accompanied by their minor child, would that make the child a criminal, too? I don't think so.

The Dreamers, or specifically the DACA recipients, are not criminals. The vast majority of them are students, military, workers or business owners. They have become productive members of society. They should be given permanent resident status, a "green card" and the opportunity, like all permanent residents, to apply for citizenship within 5 years. That would be a simple and just solution.




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