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During my four decades as an English teacher, I often warned students to be on the alert for such logical fallacies as false analogy. An example would be the one which appeared in our Letters to the Editor (“Follow the Analogies”, March 9). The writer draws direct parallels among guns, cars, and alcohol, arguing facetiously but implying that they aren’t the agents of death; therefore, these tools should not be blamed, limited, or outlawed. This tired analogy falls apart because, unlike guns, cars and alcohol are heavily regulated (resulting in a remarkable reduction of casualties in the past years thanks to laws promoted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving among others). Furthermore, cars and alcohol were not expressly designed, like assault rifles, high capacity magazines and bump stocks, to murder multiple human beings.

Let’s be clear: Gun control advocates don't want to take away your guns. We just want sensible federal legislations to assure that more of our precious students and teachers and other innocent folks can escape this madness never conceived of by our Founding Fathers.



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