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I don’t understand the Democrats’ refusal to negotiate for needed and reasonable border security measures including the wall where appropriate. It is time for them to come to the table, negotiate in good faith and reopen the government.

Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer tell us that the documented and obvious border problems are a “manufactured crisis.” As a citizen who has had a vehicle stolen by and a friend killed by illegal aliens, I can assure you that it is not a manufactured crisis. The facts do not support the manufactured crisis position and they know it.

Ms. Pelosi also asserts that the wall is “immoral”. I would propose that our weak immigration system, porous border and sanctuary policies that lure migrants to try to cross our deserts, and die by the hundreds in the process, are immoral.

I also hear that walls and other physical security measures are not effective. Perhaps not 100 percent of the time, but they are a deterrent. Don’t most of us have doors with locks at our homes and perhaps walls or fences around our yards?

As none of these arguments are supportable, then why refuse to negotiate? What is the real agenda? What is it that takes priority over saving the innocent lives of citizens and migrants? Oppose Trump at any and every opportunity? Open borders? Importing more democrat voters? Are these policies more important than life? I think not.



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