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This shutdown is hurting a million families, and while I believe it is nothing more than a temper tantrum, it is time for Democrats to show they also care about border security. They should pass a bill for exactly the amount Trump wants, but only for drones, satellites, infrared cameras, and most importantly more agents and aid stations to deal with the humanitarian crises Trump has caused by refusing people fleeing murder in their home countries. No wall, but more funding for real solutions.

It’s 2019; it is time to believe in science again instead of caveman solutions. We can do this in a way that doesn’t build a wall that will only destroy nearly 100 species along the border and will be less effective than real tech. Democrats and those on the left do care about the border, contrary to what radical right wingers think. We want migrants to come to our country legally and for families fleeing unstable governments to have a fair hearing for asylum. To handle illegal immigration -- which is at it is lowest levels in generations, by the way -- we should show that we’re willing to fund real solutions. The problem is that a physical wall is not a real solution, technology and proper funding is.

Lastly, it really is worth saying, why in the world did these crazies not pass their terrible idea when they controlled everything? Probably because there’s a couple sane Republicans hiding somewhere who wouldn’t vote for this.



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