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Upon reading of Paul Deasy's ill-considered actions thirteen years ago, regarding possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, my heart sank.

I reflected on times in my young life when I made decisions that lacked maturity and well-considered forethought and by the grace that life offers, I was able to move forward.

What I appreciate is that Mr. Deasy has used that past experience to guide him going forward; to let his past mistakes and lessons clarify the person that he aspires to be, that is, to "live a life of moral character, be an example to my children and pay back my community through civil service."

I don't know Paul Deasy personally nor does he know me, but I recognize the qualities of thoughtful maturity that he demonstrates, related to issues that he addresses as a candidate for the city council. Certainly, he appears to have used his past experiences as a springboard to his higher intentions. Compassion and forgiveness have a place in our evaluation of others (as well as ourselves) and Paul Deasy should be judged on the person he has become as he seeks to serve our community.



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