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More than anything, I judge a candidate by their integrity. Do they have any? Do they tell the truth? That will tell a lot about what they will be like, if elected.

Democrat David Garcia, running for Governor, fails this test. In recent weeks, members of the media have caught Garcia distorting facts, or simply making them up, not once but again and again.

Garcia made a point of saying that he won’t take lobbyist dollars. Yet, he’s been caught accepting over $7,000 from over a dozen registered lobbyists

Garcia said he’s opposed to dark money, yet, he’s benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside dark money spending since 2014.

Garcia once completely made up a claim that Arizona was “The most corrupt state in the nation”, a truly disingenuous and offensive remark. Fact checkers gave this statement 0 stars for being false.

Garcia also told us he supports pubic education, yet he opposed raises for our teachers, playing politics instead, and I’m just beginning to scratch the surface.

I’m sick and tired of disingenuous candidates who think they can say and do anything to get elected. Facts matter. So does integrity. No more politicians like David Garcia who can’t stick to the truth.

Governor Ducey gets my vote as a man of integrity who supported a 20 percent raise for teachers, supports small businesses, strengthened the Arizona economy, and brought numerous businesses to our state, thus increasing the treasury without increasing our taxes. Ducey respects our law enforcement officers, values securing our borders, and fights against drug traffickers in Arizona. He is a well respected Governor who will get my vote in November.



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